6 Cancer Symptoms One Should Never Ignore

Cancer is one of the scariest and deadliest diseases that may ruin anyone's life and happiness. Also, diagnosis of cancer always comes as a big shock. However, it's possible to treat cancer successfully if caught in earlier stages. So it's really important to be conscious and alert of the most common signs of this disease.

Here are the 6 common cancer symptoms that you should never ignore.

1. Persistent fatigue

Persistence fatigue is considered a common symptom of leukemia and stomach cancers in the first place. Never ignore this symptom. Usually, cancer-related fatigue lasts longer and don't go away even after appropriate sleep and rest.skin cancer examination

2. Changes in skin

Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer, and it can be difficult to notice its symptoms and signs in early stages. If you find any warts, freckles or moles that have suddenly appeared or simply changed their shape, size or color, you should not ignore it and must consult your doctor.

Aside from skin cancer, skin changes are also related to several other kinds of cancer. You must pay attention to such symptoms and signs as yellowish, reddened or darker skin, bleeding, itching, etc.

3. Rapid and inexplicable weight loss

Most individuals with cancer unexpectedly lose weight at some point. If the reason behind this weight loss is not justified by your daily activities and insufficient diet, it could be a dangerous sign for you. If you are monitoring your weight and you find that you’ve lost 10 pounds or more rapidly, it can be one of the common symptoms of cancer.

4. Unexplained lumps or thickening

It's really useful to examine your body regularly. If you happened to notice a lump or new thickening, you must consult the doctor as it can be one of the early (or in fact late) symptoms of cancer. Some of those can actually be not related to cancer, but you’ll have to consult the doctor to find the reason behind your newly-appeared lump.

5. Constant pain

There are so many diseases that have pain as a basic symptom, but it can also be a sign of cancer. If the pain is undetermined and you are not getting any relief even after initial treatment, it might be a sign of cancer. Depending upon the location of the pain in your body, it can be a sign of brain tumor or colon and rectum cancer among other types.

6. Unexplained and unusual bleeding

Whether it's a sign of cancer or not, bleeding is something that requires your attention and must be treated carefully. Bleeding can be a sign of both early and advanced stages of cancer. The dangerous signs of cancer include coughing up blood, blood in stool or urine, unusual vaginal bleeding.