Tips to Deepen your Sexual Connection with Your Partner

What comes to mind when you think about great sex? Most people might answer that it’s about having long intercourse during which trying every sex position that one might think of. To a greater extent, that would be a wrong approach. Instead, when you think about great sex, the first thing that should come to your mind is intimacy. Sex should be a sphere where you can be truly seen, truly loved and fully express yourself. In simple terms, the remedy for good sex is intimacy.intimacy2

Research shows that true intimacy is much like taking a cocaine dose: it makes the body produce certain hormones that, in turn, trigger a sensation of euphoria.

If intimacy is the key to a good sexual relationship, how can individuals build on this connection to create an extraordinary sex experience? Listed below are a few tips that will help you connect more intimately with your partner.

1. Cultivate an intimate friendship with your partner

As mentioned earlier, focusing too much on technique and details of sex itself will never get you too far. You need to shift your focus on building a constructive relationship with your partner. By doing so, you will create emotional connection, sense of safety, and mutual trust - all are prerequisites to the fulfillment of your sexual fantasies.

2. Forget about sex goals

If you’re constantly thinking about reaching an orgasm, then you’re missing out on the opportunity of true intimacy. What you need to do is totally get rid of such goals because sex is not sport, and you are not obliged to achieve any goals. Be free and express yourself the way you feel is right at the moment and place, without putting too much thought into it. Ironically, great sex happens when you don’t push it too hard.

3. Talk it out

Statics indicate that one of the biggest reasons why sex usually feels like a routine and far less passionate is ineffective communication. Hiding something from your partner just to keep peace is the worst move you can ever make. When you feel unsatisfied, let your partner know. It may seem like you’re overreacting, but think about it this way: when you suppress your issues, they don’t go away; they simply come back again and again in another form.

The key to great sex with your regular partner is true intimacy. If you want to attain the highest level of intimacy and experience best sex ever, you have to work on your communication, build trust with your partner, and let go of performing.